Ruichem RC-635 is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment, produced by sulfate process. It is an universal purpose type titanium dioxide, more specifically for water-based exterior and interior decorative architectural coatings, and powder coatings and so on.

【Key features】

  • Economical type, universal purpose
  • Good whiteness, good opacity
  • Good heat resistance
  • High weatherability and chalking resistance

【Recommended applications】

 Decorative architectural coatings - interior and exterior
 Powder coatings
 Traffic and road making coatings
 Water and solvent based industrial coatings
 Marine and protective coatings
 Auto primer and undercoat

Remarking: Highly Recommended; Recommended





Package: 25kgs craft paper bag, or 500kgs/1000kgs plastic woven bag.


【Technical data】

TiO2 content: ≥ 92.0%
Inorganic coating: Si, Al
Organic treatment: Present
Specific gravity: 4.0
Average particle size, um: 0.34~0.40
Loss at 105℃: ≤ 0.50%
Oil absorption, g/100g: ≤ 23.0

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