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Chinese Manufacturers Announce a Price Increase for Titanium Dioxide

In March,the titanium dioxide manufacturers in East China raise the price by 200RMB to 300 RMB, while the average price of ruitle titanium dioxide remains stable in the market. Recently, however, the leading companies in Southwest China tend to raise price, and the manufacturers in industry have deep confident in that news. The suppliers believe that the price increase will stimulate the sales growth, and then lead to increased price of ruitle titanium dioxide slightly.

By comparison, Anatase titanium dioxide price increases stably by manufacturers in East China, South China, and Southwest China. They increased prices by 200RMB-400RMB/ton, and the trend is pronounced. A manufacturer in East China region increases price by 300RMB/ton on March 10th after increasing by 200 RMB/ton on March 2nd , the cumulative increase is 500 RMB/ton in total .

As the result of price increase noted above, the price gap between Ruitle titanium dioxide and Anatase titanium dioxide narrows, and if the trend continues, people will choose Ruitle titanium dioxide instead of Anatase titanium dioxide based on the cost evaluation. The solution is that Anatase titanium dioxide shall fall back to original price, and then increase gradually along with price raise of Ruitle titanium dioxide.

Analyst suggested that the price of Anatase titanium dioxide will increase slightly recently, and 5 of top 10 manufacturers in China, including Doguide, DAWN has increased price at the beginning of March, and 3 other leading companies including LOMON, are going to increase price by 300-500RMB by this weekend.